Sunday at the Farmers Market

I love going to the farmers market on Sunday’s. Sometimes I don’t have much time so I thought I would share with you the vendors I buy from that will get you in and out fast. The trick is to go at 7:45AM and by 8:00AM you can be back to your car with all your goodies. By going early you have the best chance of getting first pick of what you want before everyone else.

I always try to feed my family fresh and organic vegetables each week. I find that even the best grocery stores don’t have the freshest section. I also like to support local farmers.

Today I hit 3 vendors at the Studio City Farmers Market:


Givens Farms –

I always shop at this booth. They have the freshest section of carrots, greens, tomatoes, beans, etc. The selection is amazing, fresh and affordable. If you juice, this is the place to buy your ingredients.

Today I purchased carrots, green beans, kale, tomatoes, lettuce. I will figure out what I’ll make later this week and post it.

Living Lettuce Farm – They have no website

This is also my go-to vendor. They have the best loose baby spinach, baby arugula and herbs. The herbs last for so long in my fridge! Everything is clean and packed carefully. I highly recommend them!

Today I purchased parsley, cilantro, thyme,and arugula. I’ll be making some sort of arugula dish later this week and will post.

Honey Pacifica –

I love fresh honey, especially from local bees. Its cold season out there and the best medicine for a sore throat is honey and lemon. I also use honey in my apple pies, I love the Orange Blossom Honey. They have such a great selection of all different kinds!

I hope you find this helpful, happy shopping!




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