About Nathalie

I’ve been cooking for many years (over 30). I learned how to cook as a child with my parents while growing up in Thailand. Because of the lack of western food in the 70’s, we made a lot of our own food from scratch such as pizza, baked goods, peanut butter, yogurt, sauces, etc. When we moved to American in the 80’s they decided to open a Thai food restaurant. From the age of 13-16, I would take some cooking shifts and learned to cook everything on the menu.

I love cooking all types of foods from all different countries. Because Thai food is generally served family style I love throwing big parties and feeding a lot of people. I’ve been throwing dinner parties for the last 20 years on a regular basis. In addition to cooking savory food, I love to bake. About 2 years ago I took a private pie making class with a woman named Penny who taught me her technique of making pie crust with no butter. I was hooked and I’ve been making many pies since. I love to find new recipes and try them.

I hope you enjoy my blog!



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